Methodological Workshops

Hierarchical Models

From June 21st to 25th, professor Hanna Ayalon (University of Tel-Aviv) will teach a course of 15 hours.

The course will be taught in Spanish, is free of charge and is designed for social scientists (professors, research fellows, graduate students) who are interested in methodological and statistical problems. To participate in the course, an intermediate level of statistics is required.

All classes are from 15:30 to 18:30

Those interested in attending the course should contact Magdalena Nebreda ( prior to June 3rd, and provide a CV and a brief explanation for their interest in the course. A selection process will be adopted if a large number of applications is received: selection results will be notified before June 10th.
Course Description
Social sciences research has acknowledged, a long time ago, the significance of contextual effects on behaviors, attitudes, perceptions and achievements of individuals. These effects operate alongside characteristics of the individuals, and sometimes interact with them. Hierarchical models, which incorporate various levels of analysis (e.g. students, classes, and schools; employees and work organizations) enable an empirical test of the relative significance of individual and contextual characteristics in producing different outcomes. The students will study the principals of multilevel analysis and will practice it using the software HLM on various data sets.
Students need to be acquainted with ordinary least square regression. Acquaintance with logistic and multinomial regression is recommended. The course will use the HLM software (no previous knowledge required).
Course Schedule with References
Monday, June 21st
The logic of linear hierarchical models
Coffee break
HLM session: Preparation of files; use of the software
Tuesday, June 22nd
Intercept as outcome
Coffee break
HLM session: Constructing and testing models
Wednesday, June 23rd
Slopes as outcomes
Coffee break
HLM session: Examples of applications in social sciences research
Thursday, June 24th
Non-linear models: Binary response, logic and applications
Coffee break
Non-linear models: Multinomial response, logic and applications
Friday, June 25th
Three level models, logic and applications
Coffee break
HLM session: Preparation of files for three-level models; constructing and testing of models