Master in Social Sciences


This Master is offered to students who are interested in obtaining a PhD or to those who want to receive a rigorous graduate formation in the Social Sciences.

Students from all over the world are welcome.

Any graduate student can apply for the program, though in the event of strong competition priority will be given to those with a degree in Social Sciences (Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History, Anthropology) or in Law.

Given the technical requirements of the Master, students, before starting the courses, go through a methods camp in September of the first year in which they learn some basic mathematics (calculus) and some statistical background (learning R). Students who can demonstrate expertise on these issues are exempted.

Since this is a new program, there is no information yet on the careers of the students. Yet it is worth noting that the Master in Social Sciences offered by the IC3JM is very much inspired by the equivalent Master in Social Sciences that existed between 1987 and 2007 at the Center for Advanced Study in the Social Sciences of the Juan March Institute. The main difference is that the Master was only offered to Spanish students. Some of the best Spanish social scientists of their generation went through that Master, including Pablo Beramendi (Duke University), Luis de la Calle (CIDE), Victor Lapuente (University of Gothenburg), Covadonga Meseguer (London School of Economics) and Javier Polavieja (Carlos III University).