Recent publications

This is an updated list of the latest publications made by IC3JM members

Escobar, Modesto

Escobar, Modesto. 2015. “El análisis multivariante”, en M. García Ferrando et al. (eds.), El análisis de la realidad. Métodos y técnicas de investigación. Madrid, Alianza.

Escobar, Modesto. 2015. “Studying Coincidences with Network Analysis and Other Multivariate Tools”, The Stata Journal, 15(4): 1118-1156.

Escobar, Modesto y José Gómez Isla. 2015: “La expresión de la identidad a través de la imagen: Los archivos fotográficos de Miguel de Unamuno y Joaquín Turina”, Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 152: 23-46.

Escobar, Modesto et al. 2015. “Sentido, referencia y atribución en las descripciones personales. Una nueva perspectiva del TST”, Revista Española de Sociología, 24: 25-41.

Escobar, Modesto et al. 2015. “Indicadores de cultura científica por Comunidades Autónomas”, en C. Torres (ed.), Percepción social de la ciencia y la tecnología en España. 2014. Madrid, FECYT.

Escobar, Modesto y Luis Mena. 2016. “Cuestiones de metodología en el análisis de los problemas sociales”, en A. Trinidad et al. (eds.), Marcos de análisis de los problemas sociales. Madrid, Catarata.

Fishman, Robert

Fishman, Robert M. (pending publication), “Rethinking Dimensions of Democracy for Empirical Analysis: Authenticity, Quality, Depth and Consolidation”. Annual Review of Political Science, 19.

Fishman, Robert M., Carlos Gervasoni and Keely Jones Stater. 2015. “Inequality and the Altruistic Life: A Study of the Priestly Vocation Rate”. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 54 (3): 575-595.

García Albacete, Gema

García Albacete, Gema, Mónica Ferrín y Marta Fraile. 2015. “The Gender Gap in Political Knowledge: Is it All about Guessing? An Experimental Approach”. International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

García Albacete, Gema, Javier Lorente and Irene Martín. 2015. “How does the Spanish Crisis Generation Relates to Politics?”. En Thijssen, P., Siongers, J., Van Laer, J. H. y Mels, S. (eds) Political Engagement of the Young in Europe, Youth in the Crucible. London: Routledge.

Polavieja, Javier

Polavieja, Javier G. 2016. “Labour-Market Competition, Recession and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments in Europe: Occupational and Environmental Drivers of Competitive Threat”. Socio-Economic Review, doi:10.1093/ser/mww002.

Polavieja, Javier G. 2015. “Capturing Culture: A New Method to Estimate Exogenous Cultural Effects using Migrant Populations”. American Sociological Review, 80(1): 166-191.

Richards, Andrew

Richards, Andrew and Anastasia Gorodzeisky. (pending publication), “Union Members’ Attitudes Towards Immigrant Workers. A 14-Country Study.” European Journal of Industrial Relations.

Riera, Pedro

Riera, Pedro. 2015. “Electoral Systems and the Sheriff of Nottingham: Determinants of Disproportionality in New and Established Democracies”. Party Politics 21: 222-233.

Riera, Pedro, Damien Bol y Jean-Benoit Pilet. 2015. “The International Diffusion of Electoral Systems: The Spread of Mechanisms Tempering Proportional Representation across Europe”. European Journal of Political Research 54(2): 384-410.

Riera, Pedro. 2015. “Economy, Type of Government, and Strategic Timing of Elections: Calling Opportunistic Early Elections in OECD Democracies”. West European Politics 38(6): 1129-1151.

Riera, Pedro y Mark Franklin. (en prensa). “Meaning of Democracy and Generational Shifts: How Citizens’ Models of Democracy Differ across Cohorts”, en Hanspeter Kriesi y Mónica Ferrín, eds., How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy, Oxford University Press.

Riera, Pedro y Sergi Pardos-Prado. 2016. “The Attitudinal Implications of the Cartel Party Thesis: Ideological Convergence and Political Efficacy in Contemporary Democracies”, en Ferdinand Müller-Rommel y Fernando Casal-Bertoa (eds) Party Politics and Democracy in Europe: Essays in Honour of Peter Mair (London: Routledge).

Riera, Pedro. 2015. “Electoral Systems and Party Systems”, en José M. Magone (ed) Handbook of European Politics (London: Routledge).

Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio

Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio and Luis de la Calle. 2015. “How Armed Groups Fight: Territorial Control and Violent Conflict.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 38(10): 795-813.

Sandell, Rickard

Sandell, Rickard and Pierluigi Contucci. 2015. “How Integrated are Immigrants”, Demographic Research, 3(46): 1271-80.

Simón, Pablo

Simón, Pablo and Guillermo Cordero. 2016. “Economic Crisis and Support for Democracy in Europe.” West European Politics, 39 (2): 305-325.