Master in political and electoral analysis


Political analysis increasingly occupies more space in the Spanish public debate and electoral surveys have become a key element in measuring the pulse of the country. In the current context of rapid change, the Master in Political and Electoral Analysis seeks to become a key element in understanding political phenomena. For this reason, the course is split into two main parts.

On the one hand, the Master seeks to develop understanding about why political actors behave as they do. What can we learn from past elections and from other European countries? How do parties behave in other contexts? How are elections related to political protest? How do electoral systems affect voting results?

On the other hand, the course will provide the tools to understand the functioning and development of surveys. How are interviewing techniques and sampling related? How is the raw data transformed into electoral estimations? What can we know, and not know, thanks to polls? And thanks to focus groups?

The Master in Political and Electoral Analysis seeks to provide analysts with sufficient knowledge to offer a solid interpretation both of public opinion - thanks to surveys - and of the motivations and strategies of political and social actors.

Classes for the Master in Political and Electoral Analysis will be held at the Madrid - Puerta de Toledo Campus at the Madrid Carlos III University.