The general public’s interest in politics has increased significantly in recent years. This has meant that not only the space, the protagonists and the instruments dedicated to politics have changed. Political analysis increasingly occupies more space in public debate and electoral surveys have become the fundamental element to measure ‘the pulse of the country’.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, the Master’s Degree in Political and Electoral Analysis seeks to offer key tools to help understand political phenomena. For this reason, this Master has two fundamental blocks.

On the one hand, the Master is about understanding why political actors behave as they do. What can we learn from past elections in Spain and in other European countries. How do political parties behave in other contexts? How are elections related to political protest and with the electoral systems.

On the other hand, students will be provided with an understanding of the operation and development of samplings. How does the interview technique affect sampling? How is the famous “kitchen” made? What can we know and not know thanks to surveys? And with discussion groups?

The Master in Political and Electoral Analysis seeks to provide analysts with sufficient knowledge to be able to correctly interpret public opinion surveys as well as the motivations and strategies of political and social actors.


The Master is aimed at graduates and / or graduates in social sciences in the broadest sense (political science, sociology, economics, law, journalism or the humanities) from a public or private universities in Spain or abroad. It is aimed at professionals in the fields of demography, communication or political consultancy as well as graduates who want to seek their professional future towards one of these fields.

The sessions of the Master will be held at the Madrid-Puerta de Toledo Campus.

Carlos III University of Madrid is a young institution, created in 1989. It is one of Spain’s leading universities, with almost 20,000 students and an outstanding international profile.

In the international ranking of the 50 most prestigious universities with less than 50 years, the Carlos III appears in number 33.

On the international ranking of the 50 most prestigious universities that were established less than 50 years ago, the Carlos III University appears at number 33. In terms of the Social Sciences, the Carlos III University of Madrid offers degrees in Economics, Sociology, Political Science and International Studies, as well as a number of postgraduate studies. The University has an internationally renowned Department of Social Sciences and various research institutes, including the IC3JM. The Master sessions will be held at Getafe Campus.

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