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Open Letter to the Rector of the UC3M
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We are a research and postgraduate center in Social Sciences.

We have a team of researchers and a renowned Scientific Council.

We offer quality postgraduate programs and numerous international seminars and workshops.

We are one of the leading institutions in Spain and Europe in Political Science and Sociology.


We have four scholarships for the completion of the Master in Social Sciences and three grants for enrollment financing.

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The exceptional professors who teach the Master of Social Sciences really do all they can to facilitate our learning. They are specialists - it is truly inspiring to interact with them on a daily basis in the many class discussions we have, or simply when chatting after class.

Bene ColebranderStudent

The MA in Social Sciences is a unique opportunity to develop yourself as a scholar. The interdisciplinary approach of the Master, which offers courses on areas as Sociology, Political Science and Economic History, is combined with a strong focus on quantitative methods. This will allow you to develop high quality research in any area of your interest. Hard work and motivation is expected from the side of the students, but it is definitively worth it.

Guillermo KreimanStudent

Studying in Master of Social Science provides an excellent training ground for becoming an academic. The whole program is quite intensive but helpful to improve learning abilities rapidly. Besides, it is a precious opportunity to meet excellent professors and fellow students, and the institution also offers many interesting and valued seminars which presented by worldwide scholars. For me, this two-year learning experience totally opened new research paths for my future academic career.

Guo QIStudents

The Master in Social Sciences in the IC3JM combines an interdisciplinar substantive formation with rigorous methodological training, which makes it unique in its approach. All this in a diverse environment, with students from different academic backgrounds and nationalities, which makes the Master a great option for students who want to have a broad understanding of the social reality.

Alejandro LópezStudent

The multidisiplinary approach of the course is a big plus for me as a master student. Social sciences are interconnected; and acquiring knowledge in different fields helps me a great deal in shaping and deciding my future area of expertise.

Mahmoud ElbanhawiStudents

The IC3JM MA in Social Science has provided me with all the necessary tools, both substantive and analytic, to successfully address any scientific research design in economics, sociology and political science. Its multi-disciplinary approach has helped me to developed an holistic view of the current societal complexities, and its strong emphasis on the most advanced quatitative methods allows me now to address them from a succesful solving-puzzle perspective.

Álvaro CanalejoStudent


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