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The Master’s in Social Sciences offers its students five full scholarships and three tuition waivers. The Carlos III-Juan March Institute (IC3JM) funds one full scholarship named ‘IC3JM-Francisco Cantú’ and three tuition waivers. Additionally, the Master’s program offers four full scholarships funded by the Department of Social Sciences. Applications for a full scholarship and the tuition waivers must be submitted separately (see information below). If you wish to apply for a full scholarship, you only need to fill out one application.

Francisco Cantu

Francisco Cantú

Full Scholarships

Francisco Cantú was an extremely talented, humble, and generous scholar with a genuine capacity to identify relevant research questions and address them using cutting-edge methods. His innovative work on electoral fraud in Latin America was published in the most important journals of Political Science before he turned 40. He spent a semester as a visiting scholar at the IC3JM, where he left an indelible mark within the community.

The IC3JM-Francisco Cantú full scholarship commemorates his remarkable legacy, honors his memory, and seeks to support graduate students in their pursuit of an outstanding academic career. This scholarship is awarded to the student with the best record among the five students selected for a full scholarship. 

Apply for a full scholarship at the link below:

Apply for a full scholarship HERE

Tuition waiver

The IC3JM funds three tuition waivers for the two-year duration of the Master’s program, with an amount equivalent to the tuition fee for a European Union student (approximately 2,900 euros).

Students from non-EU countries will be required to pay the difference between the total cost of tuition and the grant.

Remember that you can apply for both the full scholarship and the tuition waiver grant at the same time.

If you wish to apply for a tuition waiver, please use the following link:

Apply for a tuition waiver HERE