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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up of Spanish and foreign researchers of international prestige. The mandate of its members is five years, and they may be re-elected in additional periods of the same duration. The function of the Scientific Committee is to ensure the scientific quality and excellence of all the activities of the Institute. The Scientific Committee is a body that can be consulted, that makes suggestions and observations on the lines of research, the personnel, the academic activities and the postgraduate programs of the Carlos III – Juan March Institute.

It currently includes the following members Delia Baldassarri (NYU), Pablo Beramendi (Duke University), Catherine De Vries (Bocconi University), Juan Diez Medrano (UC3M), Sandra González-Bailón (University of Pennsylvania), Robert Fishman (UC3M), Stathis Kalyvas (University of Oxford), Isabela Mares (Yale University), and Yasemin Soysal (WZB)