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The Max Weber Lectures, a joint initiative of the Department of Social Sciences, Carlos III-Juan March Institute, and Figuerola Institute of History and Social Sciences, presents frontline research by world-leading scholars whose work speaks to an interdisciplinary audience of social scientists.

June 20
Steven Levitsky (Harvard University)
"Democracy's Surprising Resilience"
October 19 - 17 hs
Adrian Favell - University College Cork
Social Polarisation, red walls and bat signals: how social science helped make Brexit and Boris Johnson
February 15 - 17hs - 17.2.75
Akos Rona-Tas - University of California, San Diego
Predicting the Future: Art, Algorithms and the New Iron Cage
November 10 17hs - 17.2.75
Kathleen Thelen M.I.T.
Attention Shoppers: American Retail Capitalism and the Rise of the Amazon Economy
May 25
Room 18.0.A13
Paul Pierson
University of California, Berkeley
The New American Exceptionalism: Democratic Backsliding in an Affluent Society
Oct 31 | Room 18.1.A09
Stathis Kalyvas / All Souls College, Oxford
Populism and Democracy
Dec 19 | Room 18.1.A09
Bishnupriya Gupta / University of Warwick
Industralization in a Colonial Economy: Evidence from India
Cormac Ó Gráda / University College Dublin
Migration and Human Betterment: Lessons from Ireland and from History
Dec 13 | Room 18.1.A08
Sascha Becker / University of Warwick & CAGE
Reformation and Counter-Reformation
Jan 31 | Room 18.1.A09
Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University)
Does Global Integration Undermine Democracy?
May 29 | Room 18.1.A09
Andreas Wimmer (Columbia University)
Domains of Diffusion. How Culture and Institutions Travel Around the World and With What Consequences
15/3/2018 - 17:30h aula 18.1.A08
Michael Biggs / St Cross College, University of Oxford
Collective Protest and Elite Colleges: The U.S. Anti-War Movement in the 1960s
31/5/2018 - 17:30h aula 18.1.A02
Adam Przeworski / New York University
Crises of Democracy
30/11/2018 - 17:30h aula 18.1.A02
Timothy J. Hatton / University of Essex and Australian National University
Public Opinion on Immigration in Europe: Preference versus Salience
5/10/2017 - 17:00h aula 18.1.A02
Peter H. Lindbert / University of California, Davis
The Rise and Future of Progressive Redistribution
26/9/2017 - 17:00h aula 18.1.A08
Diego Gambetta / University of Oxford
Engineers of Jihad. The Curious Connection between Education and Extremism
1/6/2017 - 17:00h aula 18.0.A04
David Stasavage / New York University
The Rise of Western Democracy: Why it Happened in Europe and Not China or the Middle East
18/5/2017 - 17:30h aula 18.0.A04
John Joseph Wallis / University of Maryland
What Institutions Are
Delia Baldasarri / New York University
Interethnic Relationships in Contemporary Communities: How does Diversity Affect Solidarity and Cooperation?
Branko Milanovic / Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality, Graduate Center, CUNY
Inequality in the Age of Globalization
Nicholas Crafts / University of Warwick and CAGE
A Vision of the Growth Process in a Technologically Progressive Economy: the United States, 1899-1941