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The sessions of the Max Weber Lectures will take place in the Getafe Campus of Carlos III University.
All sessions are held at 17hs in the room indicated in each case.

February 15 - 17hs - 17.2.75
Akos Rona-Tas - University of California, San Diego
Predicting the Future: Art, Algorithms and the New Iron Cage
November 10 17hs - 17.2.75
Kathleen Thelen M.I.T.
Attention Shoppers: American Retail Capitalism and the Rise of the Amazon Economy
May 25
Room 18.0.A13
Paul Pierson
University of California, Berkeley
The New American Exceptionalism: Democratic Backsliding in an Affluent Society
Oct 31 | Room 18.1.A09
Stathis Kalyvas / All Souls College, Oxford
Populism and Democracy
Dec 19 | Room 18.1.A09
Bishnupriya Gupta / University of Warwick
Industralization in a Colonial Economy: Evidence from India
Cormac Ó Gráda / University College Dublin
Migration and Human Betterment: Lessons from Ireland and from History
Dec 13 | Room 18.1.A08
Sascha Becker / University of Warwick & CAGE
Reformation and Counter-Reformation
Jan 31 | Room 18.1.A09
Jeremy Adelman (Princeton University)
Does Global Integration Undermine Democracy?
May 29 | Room 18.1.A09
Andreas Wimmer (Columbia University)
Domains of Diffusion. How Culture and Institutions Travel Around the World and With What Consequences
15/3/2018 - 17:30h aula 18.1.A08
Michael Biggs / St Cross College, University of Oxford
Collective Protest and Elite Colleges: The U.S. Anti-War Movement in the 1960s
31/5/2018 - 17:30h aula 18.1.A02
Adam Przeworski / New York University
Crises of Democracy
30/11/2018 - 17:30h aula 18.1.A02
Timothy J. Hatton / University of Essex and Australian National University
Public Opinion on Immigration in Europe: Preference versus Salience
5/10/2017 - 17:00h aula 18.1.A02
Peter H. Lindbert / University of California, Davis
The Rise and Future of Progressive Redistribution
26/9/2017 - 17:00h aula 18.1.A08
Diego Gambetta / University of Oxford
Engineers of Jihad. The Curious Connection between Education and Extremism
1/6/2017 - 17:00h aula 18.0.A04
David Stasavage / New York University
The Rise of Western Democracy: Why it Happened in Europe and Not China or the Middle East
18/5/2017 - 17:30h aula 18.0.A04
John Joseph Wallis / University of Maryland
What Institutions Are
Delia Baldasarri / New York University
Interethnic Relationships in Contemporary Communities: How does Diversity Affect Solidarity and Cooperation?
Branko Milanovic / Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality, Graduate Center, CUNY
Inequality in the Age of Globalization
Nicholas Crafts / University of Warwick and CAGE
A Vision of the Growth Process in a Technologically Progressive Economy: the United States, 1899-1941