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An Institute that inherits a legacy of success

The IC3JM absorbed the academic staff, activities, programs and library of the former Center for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (CEACS) of the Juan March Institute. The CEACS began its journey in 1987 and for more than 25 years offered a Master in Social Sciences for Spanish students and a four-year scholarship program for the completion of the Master and the development of a doctoral thesis.

Many of the doctoral students who passed through the Juan March Institute are today internationally prestigious academics. Outside of Spain, these academics include: Pablo Beramendi (Duke University), Víctor Lapuente (University of Gothenburg), Laura Morales (Sciences Po), Luis de la Calle (CIDE, Mexico), Laia Balcells (Georgetown University, Washington DC), Rubén Ruiz Rufino (King’s College), Dídac Queralt (Yale University) and Ferran Martínez (Griffith University). Within Spain, the list is very numerous, and they include many of the best political scientists and sociologists of their generation.

Juan March


The CEACS also promoted postdoctoral research, hiring doctors from the best universities to carry out research for three years. Researchers that have passed through CEACS include Noam Lupu (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Alex Kuo (Cornell University), Sabino Kornrich (Emory University) and Anastasia Gorodzeisky (University of Tel Aviv). The result of that program was the defense of 95 doctoral theses.

The academic legacy and the intellectual culture of the CEACS have found continuity in the IC3JM.

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