20 de febrero
Diego Acosta (University of Bristol)
“Perspectives on the Global Compact on Migration and Latin America”
6 de marzo
May Al-Dabbagh (New York University Abu Dhabi)
“The Construction of Modern Motherhood and Work”
20 de marzo (Sala 18.0.A10)
Patrick Egan (New York University)
“Identity as Dependent Variable: How Americans Shift Their Identities to Better Align With Their Politics”
24 de abril
Yanfei Sun (Zhejiang University)
“Pre-modern Empires and Religious Toleration”
8 de mayo
Christopher Wildeman (Cornell University)
“What Percentage of Americans Have Ever Had a Family Member Incarcerated? Evidence from the Family History of Incarceration Survey (FamHIS)"

Hora y lugar: 1 pm, Edificio 18, Sala 18.0.A03 excepto cuando se indique. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, campus de Getafe.

11/05/2018 - 2pm
Mabel Berezin (Cornell University)
“Have the 1930s Returned? The Resurgence of Extreme Nationalism in Contemporary Europe”
Matthias Koenig (Max Planck Institute, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
“Religious Freedom in International Law: Global Dynamics of Diffusion and Institutionalization”
Hannah Brückner (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
“Wikipedia, Democracy, and Academic Knowledge”
13/04/2018 - 2pm
Bryan Turner (Graduate Center, City University of New York)
“The History of Religious Conflict: Islamophobia, Islamofascism and the Problem of Religion”
25/03/2018 - 1 pm, Building 18, Room 18.0.A06
Robert S. Jansen (University of Michigan)
“Revolutionizing Repertoires: The Rise of Populist Mobilization in Peru”
14/03 y 4, 11 y 25 abril 2018
Peter Stamatov and Sebastián Rojas
Swethaa Ballakrishnen (New York University -Abu Dhabi)
“Just Like Global Firms: Unintended Gender Parity and Speculative Isomorphism in India’s Elite Professions”
Christian Joppke (University of Bern)
“Interculturalism v. Multiculturalism: A War of Words?”
Avi Astor (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
“The Politics of Religious Heritage in Spain”