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12 de febrero
Xavier Coller (Open University of Spain)
Effects of the Great Recession on descriptive Representation in Comparative Perspective
1 de abril / CANCELADO
Claire Moon (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Involved in Something: The Social Denial of Atrocities and Victims in Mexico’s ‘War on Drugs
22 de abril / CANCELADO
Stanley Bailey (University of California Irvine)
Social Stratification by Skin Color in Latin America
13 de mayo · CANCELADO
Damon Mayrl (Colby College, Maine)
The Dejudicialization of Religious Freedom

Hora y lugar: 1 pm, Edificio 18, Sala 18.0.A06 excepto cuando se indique. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, campus de Getafe.

20 de febrero
Diego Acosta (University of Bristol)
“Perspectives on the Global Compact on Migration and Latin America”
6 de marzo
May Al-Dabbagh (New York University Abu Dhabi)
“The Construction of Modern Motherhood and Work”
20 de marzo (Sala 18.0.A10)
Patrick Egan (New York University)
“Identity as Dependent Variable: How Americans Shift Their Identities to Better Align With Their Politics”
24 de abril
Yanfei Sun (Zhejiang University)
“Pre-modern Empires and Religious Toleration”
8 de mayo
Christopher Wildeman (Cornell University)
“What Percentage of Americans Have Ever Had a Family Member Incarcerated? Evidence from the Family History of Incarceration Survey (FamHIS)"

Hora y lugar: 1 pm, Edificio 18, Sala 18.0.A03 excepto cuando se indique. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, campus de Getafe.

11/05/2018 - 2pm
Mabel Berezin (Cornell University)
“Have the 1930s Returned? The Resurgence of Extreme Nationalism in Contemporary Europe”
Matthias Koenig (Max Planck Institute, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
“Religious Freedom in International Law: Global Dynamics of Diffusion and Institutionalization”
Hannah Brückner (New York University, Abu Dhabi)
“Wikipedia, Democracy, and Academic Knowledge”
13/04/2018 - 2pm
Bryan Turner (Graduate Center, City University of New York)
“The History of Religious Conflict: Islamophobia, Islamofascism and the Problem of Religion”
25/03/2018 - 1 pm, Building 18, Room 18.0.A06
Robert S. Jansen (University of Michigan)
“Revolutionizing Repertoires: The Rise of Populist Mobilization in Peru”
14/03 y 4, 11 y 25 abril 2018
Peter Stamatov and Sebastián Rojas
Swethaa Ballakrishnen (New York University -Abu Dhabi)
“Just Like Global Firms: Unintended Gender Parity and Speculative Isomorphism in India’s Elite Professions”
Christian Joppke (University of Bern)
“Interculturalism v. Multiculturalism: A War of Words?”
Avi Astor (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
“The Politics of Religious Heritage in Spain”