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24/25/26/27 enero 2022
Interviews for Interdisciplinary Inquiry
10/11/12 noviembre 2021
Conjoint Analysis
28/29 octubre 2021
Partisan Effects of Electoral Systems
21-22-23-28-29 octubre 2020
Luis Miller (CSIC, Madrid): Behavioral and Experimental Social Sciences.
3/6 Junio 2019 (11-14hs)
David Hachen (University of Notre Dame): Social Network
4/5 octubre 2018
New Approaches to the Study of Electoral Systems
18/19 junio 2018
The Political Economy of Corruption and Accountability
6/7 junio 2016
Ethnicity and Diversity: Concepts, Measures, Causes, and Consequences
29/30 junio 2015
Comparative Political Networks
18/19 junio 2015
Institutions of Protection: The Organization of Security and Justice System Institutions in Autocracies
8/12 junio 2015
Molly Roberts: text Analysis for Applied Social Science
12/13 junio 2014
Financialization and its Consequences
Corporate Governance at the Crossroads
14/15 junio 2013
Historical Legacies and Contemporary Politics
11 al 14 febrero 2013
Jonathan Rodden: Geographical Information System (GIS) for Social Sciences
8/9 febrero 2013
Parties and Partisans: Explaining Continuity and Change in Party Systems
19 al 21 noviembre 2012
Christopher Adolph: Techniques for the Visualization and Presentation of Data
11/12 junio 2012
The Political Economy of State Capacity: An Endogenous Institutions Approach
27/28 abril 2012
Contemporary Applications of the Spatial Model
13 al 16 marzo 2012
Donald Green: Field Experiments: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation
12 al 16 diciembre 2011
Jude Hays: Spatial Regression
21/22 octubre 2011
Historical Political and Economic Development in Western Europe: Recent Advances in Comparative Politics
29 junio al 1 julio 2011
Electoral Fraud, Vote Buying, and Clientelism
14 al 18 marzo 2011
Adam Przeworski: Modelos dinámicos de economía política
15 al 19 noviembre 2010
Simon Jackman: Bayesian Analysis for the Social Sciences
22/23 octubre 2010
The Sources of Inequality Across the Globe
21 al 25 junio 2010
Hanna Ayalon: Hierarchical Models
14/15 junio 2010
Democracy, Democratization, and Social Democracy. Conference in honor of Prof. José María Maravall
30 noviembre al 4 diciembre 2009
Nathaniel Beck: Thinking about Endogeneity and Selection: Theoretical and Practical Issues
16/17 octubre 2009
Immigrants' Economic Incorporation, Spatial Segregation, and Anti-Immigrant Sentiments
15 al 18 junio 2009
Sascha O. Becker: Methods to Identify Causal Effects. Theory and Applications
4 al 8 mayo 2009
David Soskice: Topics in Game Theory
13/14 marzo 2009
The Geography of Peace and Conflict: Decentralization, Group Identities, and Separatism in Comparative Perspective
20/21 noviembre 2014
Policy Making under Hard Times: Southern European Countries in a Comparative Perspective