Publicaciones recientes

Este es un listado actualizado de las últimas publicaciones realizadas por los miembros del IC3JM

Claveria, Sílvia

Claveria, Sílvia. 2019. Les dones als executius. Barcelona: Fundació Irla.

Claveria, Sílvia. 2019. “Les dones com a fre de l’extrema dreta”. Nous Horitzons, 221:34-39.

Doten-Snitker, Kerice

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Doten-Snitker, Kerice, Cara Margherio, Elizabeth Litzler, Ella Ingram y Julia Williams. En prensa. “Developing a Shared Vision for Change: Moving toward Inclusive Empowerment.” Research in Higher Education. doi:10.1007/s11162-020-09594-9.

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Escobar, Modesto

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Fernández, Juan J.

Fernández, Juan J. y Jordi Domènech. En prensa. “Socio-Economic Determinants of Survival in a Nazi Concentration Camp: The Experience of Spanish Prisoners at Mauthausen”, Journal of Interdisciplinary History.

Fernández, Juan J., Antonio Jaime-Castillo, Damon Mayrl y Celia Valiente. En prensa. “Societal Religiosity and the Gender Gap in Political Interest, 1990-2014”, British Journal of Sociology.

Fernández, Juan J. En prensa. “Women’s Civil Rights and the Worldwide Liberalization of Abortion on Demand and for Socio-economic Reasons”, The Sociological Quarterly. 

Fishman, Robert

Fishman, Robert M. 2020 (en prensa). “Spain in Comparative Perspective: Contributions of the Spanish Case to Comparative Political Analysis” en Diego Muro e Ignacio Lago (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Spanish Politics, Oxford University Press.

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Fishman, Robert M. y Alejandro Tirado Castro. En prensa.  “How Democracy Works: Divergent Perspectives of Representatives and Citizens” en Xavier Coller y Leonardo Sánchez-Ferrer (Eds.), Politicians in Hard Times: Spanish and South European MPs Facing Citizens after the Great Recession, Palgrave Macmillan.

García Albacete, Gema

García Albacete, Gema, Mónica Ferrín y Marta Fraile. 2015. “The Gender Gap in Political Knowledge: Is it All about Guessing? An Experimental Approach”. International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

García Albacete, Gema, Javier Lorente e Irene Martín. 2015. “How does the Spanish Crisis Generation Relates to Politics?”. En Thijssen, P., Siongers, J., Van Laer, J. H. y Mels, S. (eds) Political Engagement of the Young in Europe, Youth in the Crucible. London: Routledge.

Jurado, Ignacio

Jurado, Ignacio y Sandra León. 2020. “Economic Globalization and Decentralization: a Centrifugal or Centripetal Relationship? Evidence from a Cross-country Analysis”, Governance.

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Kukic, Leonard

Kukic, Leonard.2020. “Origins of Regional Divergence: Economic Growth in Socialist Yugoslavia”. Economic History Review.

Kukic, Leonard. 2020. “The Nature of Technological Failure: Patterns of Biased Technical Change in Socialist Europe”. Journal of Economic Surveys.

Lavezzolo, Sebastian

Lavezzolo, Sebastián, Luis Ramiro y Pablo Fernández-Vázquez. 2020. “The Will for Reason: Voter Demand for Experts in Office.” West European Politics. DOI:

León, Sandra

León, Sandra e Ignacio Jurado. 2020. “Economic Globalization and Decentralization: a Centrifugal or Centripetal Relationship? Evidence from a Cross-country Analysis”, Governance.

León, Sandra, Francesc Amat e Ignacio Jurado. 2020. “One or Two Arenas? The Break-up Between National and Regional Elections”. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.

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Orriols, Lluís

Orriols, Lluís, John Bartle y Agustí Bosch. 2020. “The Policy Mood in Spain: the Thermostat in a Warm Climate, 1978–2017” European Political Science Review, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 133-153.

Özel, Isik D.

Özel, Isik D. y Salvador Parrado. 2020. “Varieties of Regulatory Welfare Regimes in Middle-Income Countries: A Comparative Analysis of Brazil, Mexico and Turkey,” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, publicado online 11/23/2020,

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Polavieja, Javier

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Polavieja. Javier G. 2020. “Grandes muestras, grandes sesgos, grandes errores: sobre el Atlas de Oportunidades”. Revista Internacional de Sociología, 78(3), e166 DOI:

Radl, Jonas

Radl Jonas,  Nata Duvvury, E.K. Sarter, Simona Scherger y Jeroen Spijker. 2020. “Policy Toolkits on Employment and Ageing: A Conceptual Framework”. En: Áine Ní Leime, Jim Ogg, Martina Rašticová, Debra Street, Clary Krekula, Monika Bédiová e Ignacio Madero-Cabib (Eds.). Extended Working Life Policies. International Gender and Health Perspectives. Cham: Springer Open, 69-83.

Richards, Andrew

Richards, Andrew y Anastasia Gorodzeisky. (en prensa), “Union Members’ Attitudes Towards Immigrant Workers. A 14-Country Study.” European Journal of Industrial Relations.

Riera, Pedro

Riera, Pedro. 2015. “Electoral Systems and the Sheriff of Nottingham: Determinants of Disproportionality in New and Established Democracies”. Party Politics 21: 222-233.

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Sánchez-Cuenca, Ignacio

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Sandell, Rickard

Sandell, Rickard y Pierluigi Contucci. 2015. “How Integrated are Immigrants”, Demographic Research, 3(46): 1271-80.

Simón, Pablo

Simón, Pablo y Guillermo Cordero. 2016. “Economic Crisis and Support for Democracy in Europe.” West European Politics, 39 (2): 305-325.

Stamatov, Peter

Stamatov, Peter. 2021.  “Human Diversity and Democracy in the Renaissance,” en A Cultural History of Democracy, vol. 3: A Cultural History of Democracy in the Renaissance, edited by Virginia Cox and Joanne Paul, London: Bloomsbury: 141-58.

Torre, Margarita

Torre, Margarita. 2020. “Segregación ocupacional y actitudes hacia la desigualdad en el mundo rural, 2000-2018”. Panorama Social  31:125-139.

Torre, Margarita. En prensa. “La juventud y el empleo”, en Informe Juventud en España 2020. Ed.: Instituto de la Juventud.

Torre, Margarita. En prensa. “Movilidad de clase y expectativas de futuro de la población joven”, en Informe Juventud en España 2020. Ed.: Instituto de la Juventud.

Torre, Margarita and Pablo Simón. En prensa. “La juventud. Una panorámica de contexto”, en Informe Juventud en España 2020. Ed.: Instituto de la Juventud.

Travieso, Emiliano

Travieso, Emiliano. 2020. “United by Grass, Separated by Coal: Uruguay and New Zealand During the First Globalization.” Journal of Global History, 15 (2) (2020): 269-289.

Villamil, Francisco

Villamil, Francisco. 2020. “Mobilizing Memories: The Social Conditions of the Long-term Impact of Victimization.” Journal of Peace Research, publicado online en junio 2020.

Villamil, Francisco y Laia Balcells. 2020. “The Double Logic of Internal Purges: New Evidence from Francoist Spain.” Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 26(3): 260-278.