Research projects

This website contains information, documents and data sets related to an ongoing research project led by Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca and Luis de la Calle on terrorist and insurgent behavior.

IC3JM welcomes the Jonas Radl project financed by the European Research Council (ERC) Jonas Radl is the Principal Researcher of a new research project hosted by the IC3JM and funded through a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). With funding of 1.5 million Euros, the project starts in March 2018 and runs for five years. It can be said that success in life depends on the formula “ability + effort”, and the objective is to establish the extent to which there are social differences in effort. While impressive amounts of data exist on the determinants of cognitive abilities, there is scant evidence on socio-economic differences in cognitive effort. By collecting experimental data for a large sample of school-age children and their parents in Madrid and Berlin, the findings will reveal who exerts more effort: individuals with privileged social origins or those with a disadvantaged background. The results of the project will help design policies to foster equal opportunities.