Los seminarios tendrán lugar en el Campus de la Universidad Carlos III de Getafe.

Todos los seminarios se celebrarán los viernes a las 12.30 hs en el Edificio 18 (aula 18.0.A02) salvo en los casos indicados.

  1. 31 de marzo de 2017
    Laia Balcells
    Duke University
    The Political Consequences of Terrorism: A Quasi-Experimental Approach
  2. 21 de abril de 2017
    Delia Baldassarri
    New York University
    Interethnic Relationships in Contemporary Communities: How does Diversity Affect Solidarity and Cooperation?
  3. 5 de mayo de 2017
    Matt Golder
    Pennsylvania State University
    It’s Not Only What You Say, but Also How You Say It: Campaign Sentiment in European Party Manifestos
  4. 12 de mayo de 2017
    David Altman
    Catholic University of Chile
    Mechanisms of Direct Democracy: Feud of the Conservative Forces in Society or Liberalism at its Most?
  5. 19 de mayo de 2017
    Julia Cagé
    Sciences Po, Paris
    The Production of Information in an Online World: Is Copy Right?
  6. 26 de mayo de 2017
    Olga Shvetsova
    SUNY Binghamton
    Politics and the Distributive Properties of the Technological Trajectory: the Case of Health
  7. 10 de marzo de 2017
    Sofía Pérez
    Boston University
    The Political Economy of Austerity: Outcomes and their Implications in Southern Europe
  8. 3 de marzo de 2017
    Roberto Gargarella
    UBA/Di Tella, Buenos Aires
    The New Constitutionalism in Latin America. Reflections from Constitutional Theory
  9. 16 de diciembre de 2016
    Ruth Milkman
    US Labor and the Great Recession
  10. 13 de diciembre de 2016 (*martes)
    Ian Shapiro
    Yale University
    Business and the South African Transition
  11. 25 de noviembre de 2016
    Pedro Magalhaes
    University of Lisbon
    Procedural Fairness and the Economic Vote
  12. 18 de noviembre de 2016
    Hye-Young You
    Vanderbilt University
    Targeted Transfers and Local Public Goods Provisions: Evidence from the Shale Gas Boom in the US
  13. 11 de noviembre de 2016
    Luis de la Calle
    The Legacy of War Dynamics on State Capacity Building: Evidence from 19th Century Mexico. Joint Seminar with Economic History
  14. 4 de noviembre de 2016
    María Sobolewska
    University of Manchester
    Reputational Benefits for Political Parties from Ethnic and Gender Diversity. Evidence from Survey Experiments in the UK. Joint Seminar with the CALMA Project
  15. 28 de octubre de 2016
    Gustavo Torrens
    Indiana University
    Stirring Up a Hornets’ Nest: Geographic Distribution of Crime
  16. 14 de octubre de 2016
    Peter Foldvari
    University of Utrecht
    The Geographical and Institutional Determinants of the Location of Christian Missions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Joint Seminar with Economic History

  1. 6/7 junio 2016
    Ethnicity and Diversity: Concepts, Measures, Causes, and Consequences
  2. 29/30 junio 2015
    Comparative Political Networks
  3. 18/19 junio 2015
    Institutions of Protection: The Organization of Security and Justice System Institutions in Autocracies
  4. 8 al 12 junio 2015
    Molly Roberts Text Analysis for Applied Social Science
  5. 20/21 noviembre 2014
    Policy Making under Hard Times: Southern European Countries in a Comparative Perspective

Comparative Sociology Seminars

Convened by Peter Stamatov and Damon Mayrl

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