The sessions of the Seminar will take place in the Getafe Campus of Carlos III University.

All seminars are held on Fridays at 12.30 in Building 18 (room 18.1.A04) except where indicated.

  1. 2018, March 23rd
    Adria Lawrence
    Johns Hopkins University
    Colonial State-Building Projects in French Algeria
  2. 2018, April 13th
    Daniel Oesch
    University of Lausanne
    Job Polarization and Middle Class Erosion in Europe
  3. 2018, April 20th
    Abbey Steele
    University of Amsterdam
    Challengers and Collaborators: Barriers to State-Building in Colombia
  4. 2018, May 4th
    Kenneth Roberts
    Cornell University
    Varieties of Capitalism and Subtypes of Populism: Structural Foundations of Political Divergence in Europe and Latin America
  5. 2018, May 11th
    Luz Marina Arias
    How do Rulers Rule? Coordination and the Legitimate Accumulation of Power
  6. 2018, May 18th
    Covadonga Meseguer
    LSE and Santander professor at UC3M
    Return Migration and Democratization
  7. 2018, May 25th
    Carles Boix
    Princeton University
    Democratic Capitalism at a Crossroads? Technological Change and the Breakdown of Consensus Politics
  8. 2018, March 16th
    Dingxin Zhao
    University of Chicago
    Temporality, Structure and Wisdom: The Essence of Historical Sociology
  9. 2018, March 9th
    Jane Gingrich
    Oxford University
    Changing Labor Markets, Changing Voters?
  10. 2017, December 15th
    Leonid Peisakhin
    New York University, Abu Dhabi
    Building Cooperation Among Groups in Conflict: An Experiment on Intersectarian Cooperation in Lebanon
  11. 2017, November 17th
    Pablo Beramendi
    Duke University
    Long-run Fiscal Development and the Politics of Inequality
  12. 2017, November 10th
    Mike Hout
    New York University
    Meteor or Volcano? We Should Have Predicted Populist Nationalism Before Trump Ran for President
  13. 2017, October 27th
    Jordi Muñoz
    Universidad de Barcelona
    Labor Unrest, Political Activation, and Female Participation upon Enfranchisement
  14. 2017, October 20th
    David Le Bris
    Toulouse Business School
    Family Characteristics and Economic Development

The sessions of the Max Weber Seminar will take place in the Getafe Campus of Carlos III University. All sessions are held at the hour and in the room indicated in each case.

  1. 2018, May 31st 17:30h - Room 18.1.A02
    Adam Przeworski
    New York University
    Crises of Democracy
  2. 2018, March 15th 17:30h - Room 18.1.A02
    Michael Biggs
    St Cross College, University of Oxford
    Collective Protest and Elite Colleges: The U.S. Anti-War Movement in the 1960s
  3. 2017, November 30th 17:00h - Room 18.1.A02
    Timothy J. Hatton
    University of Essex and Australian National University
    Public Opinion on Immigration in Europe: Preference versus Salience
  4. 2017, October 5th 17:00h - Room 18.1.A02
    Peter H. Lindbert
    University of California, Davis
    The Rise and Future of Progressive Redistribution
  5. 2017, September 26th 17:00h - Room 18.0.A08
    Diego Gambetta
    University of Oxford
    Engineers of Jihad. The Curious Connection between Education and Extremism

  1. 6/7 June 2016
    Ethnicity and Diversity: Concepts, Measures, Causes, and Consequences
  2. 29/30 June 2015
    Comparative Political Networks
  3. 18/19 June 2015
    Institutions of Protection: The Organization of Security and Justice System Institutions in Autocracies
  4. 8 to 12 June 2015
    Molly Roberts Text Analysis for Applied Social Science
  5. 20/21 November 2014
    Policy Making under Hard Times: Southern European Countries in a Comparative Perspective

Comparative Sociology Seminars

Convened by Peter Stamatov and Sebastián Rojas

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